go ahead and treat!

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What size dog are Paw PopsTM for?

Paw PopsTM are appropriate for dogs of all sizes.

Are Paw PopsTM for dogs of all ages?

Yes, Paw PopsTM are appropriate for dogs at all life stages.

How should I feed Paw PopsTM slushy treat to my dog?

After removing from the freezer you should massage until slushy. 
Unwrap the pop and serve like a treat or serve the slushy in a bowl.

Do Paw PopsTM contain dairy?

No, Paw PopsTM are non-dairy and safe for your dog.

Are frozen treats safe for my dog’s teeth?

Yes, Paw PopsTM are expertly designed to not freeze as hard as ice. 
Paw PopsTM have a softer, more forgiving texture and safe for your dog’s teeth.

Can I eat Paw PopsTM?

Yes, all Paw PopsTM ingredients are fit for human consumption. The
flavors are designed to be appetizing to dogs so you may not enjoy
them as much as your pup will.